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The Containers House

Immediately after buying the lot in Luzit, Ilya, who was visiting his parents in Brooklyn, NY by the shipyard, got inspiration from the containers, which were piled up and looked like one big container village... The idea took shape. He used Sketchup - a free google design app , and planned the house for a year. After that the building and construction took about 10 months all together. Ilya and Denis Feigin built most of the house themselvs (apart from the concrete basement) and for the finishing, he hired a few more workers to wrap it up.

The house has two floors  made of containers, on top of a concrete basement. The basement is now used for animation, drawing and music activities. Building the house required a lot  of creativity, and problems solving , which was part of the fun.

All the interior design, the construction of the kitchen and the furniture, are handcrafted or renovated and recycled, and many items Sigal has brought  from her travels around the world. The result is wonderful and inspiring.

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